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Specializing in Hard Wax

                                 Featuring:  Berodin Luxury Wax Products

Eyebrow Shaping                                             $22.00

Lip                                                                       $17.00

Chin                                                                     $17.00

Sideburn                                                             $25.00

Bikini                                                                  $45.00+

Brazillian                                                           $80.00

Brazillian Maintenance    (4-6 weeks)            $60.00

Underarms                                                        $25.00

Half Arm                                                           $40.00

Full Arm                                                            $50.00

Half Leg                                                             $45.00

Full Leg                                                              $70.00

Ear                                                                       $17.00

Neck Wax                                                          $17.00

Stomach                                                              $20.00
Vagacial    (See description in Skin Treatment)                    $65.00
Back                                                                    $65.00

What to do Before your Waxing Appointment

  1.  If this is your fist time getting a Bikini and or Brazilian wax, do not trim. Take Tylenol or ibuprofen at least an hour before appointment.

  2. Exfoliate the day before your appointment so that skin is soft enough to make the hair removal easier for your esthetician

  3. Do not put any oil, moisturizer or lotion the day of your appointment

  4. If you shaved, wait 3 weeks before coming in. Hair growth needs to a 1/4" long in order for your hair to be removed successfully.


Post Wax Care:

  1. Have clean, loose fitting, breathable (cotton) clothes to change in after waxing. If possible, go commando.

  2.  Avoid tight fitting underwear or clothing for 24 hours since skin is more open and can be easily irritated.

  3.  Make sure your hands are clean prior to touching the area and be sure to have clean sheets to sleep in.

  4.  Use Berodin Post Wax Essential Oil (available for purchase) to area morning and night.

  5.  Clean the area that has been waxed with our Berodin Body Exfoliation Kit (available for purchase). 16oz Berodin Body Wash is available once you've purchased the Kit

  6.  Gently exfoliate the area each time you shower after 48 hours. Exfoliate in the direction of your hair growth.

  7.  No sun, sauna, steam baths, vigorous exercise or sexy time for 48 hours since skin is more sensitive, easily irritated and prone to infection.

  8.  Use Berodin Blemish Control Gel (available for purchase) on area the first 2 weeks morning and night to prevent ingrown hairs & treat post wax bumps.

  9.  It is recommended to take an antihistamine post waxing to decrease inflammation.

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