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Certified Borboleta Lash Artist

Certified Elleebana Lash Artist

*Pricing subject to change

Eye Brow Tinting                                                   $20.00

EyeLash Tinting                                                     $25.00

Lash Lift                                                                   $90.00
A lash lift is the safe and easy way to temporarily curl or straighten lashes. Elleebana Lash Lift offers an ultra-hydrating keratin treatment option that you will love. It will highlight your natural beauty. Lash lifts and tints are a fantastic option for everyone who is interested in dark, luscious, and beautifully curled lashes with low-maintenance and minimal commitment which last 6 - 8 weeks. Lash Lift is a fantastic alternative to eyelash extensions.

Add On's

Cooling Calming Eye Mask                                  $7.00
Need a quick boost? Our soothing eye masks instantly chill, calm and refresh tired eyes on contact. Designed to be used after lash treatments (yet so addictive you'll want to use them all the time), our replenishing gel formula soothes, depuffs and diminishes the appearance of dark circles. Caffeine firms and boosts circulation, while kelp extract moisturizes and heals. Cooling hydrogel creates a seal to penetrate skin and our anti-slip design wont budge until you're ready to take the mask off.   * Only for Lash Lift Service

What to do BEFORE your Lash Lift appointment: 


If this is your first time, and use WATERPROOF MASCARA and LASH SERUMS (I.e. Rodan & Fields) stop using at LEAST 4 days prior to your appointment. Lash serums are also embedded into your lashes like WATERPROOF MASCARA, and if the product is not completely out, you WILL NOT GET THE RESULTS you want in your lash lift. 


1. Please wash your lashes and remove all makeup before you come with our Borboleta Makeup Remover and Lash Bath using cleaning Brushes. 

2. If this is your first time, and use WATERPROOF MASCARA, stop using at LEAST 4 days prior to your appointment. WATERPROOF MASCARA, is embedded into your lashes and it takes days to be completely out of lashes which will affect your lash retention. 

3. Washing your lashes before your appointment will save technician 15 minutes and have more lash time. We do allow time in our appointment to clean lashes, but everyone is different and we need time to set up and clean up before appointments. So, it’s best to have your lashes clean before you come in. 



What to do AFTER  your Lash Lift appointment: 


No heat, steam (including cooking over a steaming stovetop), saunas, water, oils, lotions, creams, shampoos, face washes, makeup remover wipes or pads on lashes for a minimum of 24 hours.


Only the following approved products can be immediately applied to the lashes after your Lash Lift:


Borboleta Beauty Lash Serum

and / or

Elleebana Lash Lift Mascara


We also advise that because your lashes are still malleable (shape shifting), if you're a side sleeper or face sleeper, you can notice one or both eyes can raise or drop, leaving the lashes misshaped.


Sleeping on your back is best.

Avoid face washes that are mainly oil as this can also cause your lashes to drop prematurely. If you apply the Elleebana mascara, make sure that you remove it with cold water within the 24 hour period.


Enjoy your lashes for the next 6 - 8 weeks!

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