Meet our Team

  Master Esthetician / Owner

My name is Nancy J. Lacuesta and I'm proud to say that I am born & raised on the island of Maui and grew up in Paia.  My family still lives in Paia and I can say that I'm an original Paia girl.


I was inspired to become an esthetician because  I saw how important it is to care for our skin and our well being. I would like to teach that to all my clients.  We all have to start with taking care of ourselves. I am here to share my knowledge and want to help people feel & look good about themselves. 


I like to continue my education in Skin Care & Beauty and I enjoy learning new techniques that will help me to educate my clients

My name is Jennifer Lazzaro and I have been honored to call Maui home now for over 9 years. I am a very busy mom and spent most of my time with my daughter.

I have been involved in skin therapy for approximately 6 years on the business side and now have joined the hands on side of this business. 

I am happy to broaden my knowledge in skills in skin care & beauty and provide my clients with top notch work.


Junior Esthetician



My name is Gayla Spagnuolo and I have lived in Hawaii for over 10 years. I was born and raised in Portland Oregon. 

I have been involved in skin therapy for over 30 years now as I am very passionate about everything skin related. I primarily specialize in all body waxing and sugaring.